About Sharon

Sharon Mahowald
Image by Diane Miller, Goddess Be Me Photography

Sharon discovered at an early age that she had inherited the gift of working with the angelic realm from her mother. A Registered Nurse with 30 years of experience working with patients across the health spectrum, she brought this gift into her work to help trauma patients in the emergency department manage their pain. This work expanded to include assisting patients with diabetes in the management of their conditions.

It was her own illness, scleroderma, which further awakened her connection to the angels. She sought out and studied many energy healing modalities on her journey to physical, emotional, and spiritual self-awareness.

Sharon is certified in Reiki I & II, a Healing Touch student, and is a Milagros Energy Work Practitioner.  These varied disciplines have given her a deep understanding of how energy works and affects our daily lives.

Sharon is passionate about her work and loves assisting others in moving through their journey towards inner wellness and peace in many aspects of their lives. She is compassionate and sensitive to clients dealing with chronic illness, as well as bringing balance to those who administer care.

Sharon offers a wide variety of holistic healing options to meet your needs. She helps her clients by blending the body's therapeutic energy with her nursing intuition and the wisdom she has gained from the medical and energy-healing worlds. She connects with the angel realm to work through her to bring healing light and love to those that need it.

Her gifts of intuition, unconditional acceptance and love create a foundation for this profound healing therapy. Clients come away feeling energized, balanced, and comforted.